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Newsletter 2019

From April 1st 2019


Welcome to a new riding year on East Anglian Farm Ride Routes.

Members will receive their RED tag for use from April 1st 2019. We have been very fortunate this winter to be able to have kept many routes open that are often shut due to the wet weather. 

Whilst out riding please make sure Tags are visible and we recommend attaching them to your saddle or bridle. Anyone found on an EAFR Route without a RED tag will be turned around. Every rider on an EAFR Route will need a valid tag. 

Please would you return your Yellow Tags to the Office, as these are no longer valid. Thank You.

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A new route has been opened over the summer making it now possible to ride from Beaumont-Cum-Moze to Thorpe-Le-Soken. This was previously a permitted bridleway that was due to close but was managed to be kept open by EAFR.


Thank you for respecting the closures in this area since December. All routes are due to open from April 1st. We have had several complaints of riders going off marked routes in this area. We do realise that riding has become limited here over the winter but believe it is the only way we can keep these routes open for the summer months. We have had reports of riders going around squeeze gaps which does not look good on the scheme. 


Unfortunately, the route at Rockingham’s was closed at the end of the summer due to a change in farming practice. As of April 1st the route on Peldon Hall Farms will also be closing as the landowner does not wish EAFR to use their tracks anymore. Click here for more information

Signs and Waymarkers

We are doing all we can regarding re-signing routes. We aim to re-sign as many routes as we can but it can take a long time to get around as it often involves walking the routes. If anyone knows of any particular problems with signs, we would like to hear from you. 


If you have any problems or would like to get in touch with us, please email or phone the office. 

Keep looking at the Website and our Facebook page for maps, application forms and new route developments.

Enjoy your Riding….

Chris and Lisa

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