Newsletter spring 2018



Welcome to a new riding year on East Anglian Farm Ride Routes. As of 1 April 2018 only yellow tags will be valid on routes. After the cold and wet weather, it is now nice to get outside and onto the routes. Please try to keep off wet routes until they have dried up. We have been very fortunate again not to have had too many routes closed over the winter months. 


NEW LICENCE TAGS – From April 1st Yellow                                                                          


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Tags must be attached to your saddle or bridle and must be worn on your horse at all times whilst you are on EAFR routes. Anyone found on an EAFR Route without a yellow tag will be turned off. We have had several complaints of horses riding off the routes. 

Please would you return your purple Tags to the Office, as these are no longer valid. Please keep the Leather straps for your new tags. 




A new route has been opened from Stones Green to Beaumont, we hope this is useful to riders in this area. The small part of route by the sub-station in Little Bromley has now re-opened. 


Fordham/ Mount Bures

Thank you for respecting the closures in this area since January. All routes are due to open from 1st April. We have had several complaints of riders going off marked routes in this area. We are seeking a new marshall in this area who will receive a complementary tag for their assistance. If you feel you can help please contact the office. 



We are happy to announce a new marshall Dom Whiten, who will be looking after this area. If you have any concerns and see her out on the routes I am sure she will be happy to assist. 


Standing orders

If paying by standing order please let the office know if you need to cancel your membership. Anyone not reporting this to the office will not be permitted to re-join the scheme by standing order mandate in the future. 


If you have any problems or would like to get in touch with us, please email or phone the office. 

Keep looking at the Website and our Facebook page for maps, application forms and new route developments. 


Enjoy your Riding….



Chris and Lisa